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A Quick Introduction to the Casinos in Monaco

Monaco is a tiny country located adjacent to France. Known as the playground of the rich and famous, it is not surprising that a few very glamorous, high end casinos can be found dotted all over the little countries coastline. A casino was originally opened in Monaco in 1856 to compensate financially for losing two of its towns and shrinking down to only 8000 square miles. It was not successful due to difficulty getting to the principality.

At the time the road was steep and dangerous, and only one steamer made the journey to the town from neighbouring countries. A railroad was built about ten years after the casino opened, increasing ease of access to Monaco. The casino, now named Casino Monte Carlo was a wild success, attracting royalty and aristocracy form all over the world. From there casinos in Monaco grew in popularity and are now a major source of income to the principality. Only two of the five casinos in Monaco offer both table games and a variety of slots. The rest seem to concentrate purely on slot machines.

Casino Monte Carlo

The Casino Monte Carlo is the most famous of casinos in Monaco, and one of the most famous in the whole world. It was the first casino to be built in Monaco, and despite a bit of a rocky start, having to change its name from Les Spelugues which meant den of thieves, became internationally popular. The casino is credited with pretty much saving the principality of Monaco financially and creating the booming economy it has today. Casino Monte Carlo is still going strong, attracting high rollers from around the globe. Interestingly, actual citizens of Monaco are not allowed inside the casino. ID’s are checked at the door to ensure this.

The casino is now 183 years old making it one of the oldest in Europe. It has 220 slot machines which have a wide range of jackpots including progressives. You won’t find any penny slots here however; the whole place is a high rollers area. The place has a number of traditional table games including French Roulette, Poker and Baccarat, these games also are now available at Gambling CA, so players can taste them on internet also. A gastronomic restaurant called Train Blue cooks French and Italian Cuisine. An onsite bar offers live music on weekends and the chance to bump into celebrities and royals.

The Sun Casino and Fairmont Monaco

The Sun Casino and Fairmont Monaco is one of the casinos in Monaco. It is open all twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and offers high class glamour with 300 slot machines and a number of table games. The casino is modelled in American style, reflecting the famous casinos of Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Well known for its Poker scene, the casino holds regular tournaments and has a dedicated poker room with a number of variants. Other table games include roulette casino games, Craps and lesser known ones such as War Game and Big Wheel. A restaurant called Le Circus has a new menu every week, serving a fusion of French and Italian cuisine. Live events are held regularly, including epic parties with celebrities in attendance and international bands. The Sun Casino and Fairmont Monaco is the trendiest of casinos in Monaco, preferring to focus on parties and wild times rather than old money like the Monte Carlo. There is no dress code at The Sun Casino and Fairmont Monaco, guests are welcome to wear whatever they are comfortable in as long as it is appropriate and not offensive.

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