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An Introduction to Cashino Gaming in a Simple Way

Cashino Gaming Limited manages land-based slot machine gaming venues, game and amusements arcades as well as a well-known range of bingo clubs throughout the United Kingdom. Launched in 1972 Cashino Gaming is headquartered in Nuneaton, Milton Keynes and the famous bingo clubs in Weoley Castle, Worcestershire and Redditch are all part of their family in the United Kingdom.

Cashino sell themselves as a stimulating casino slots venue, with a link between the online casino and all the land-based venues around the country. The Cashino online casino provides information, newsletters and updates regarding all the goings on at the Cashino venues around the country. In addition, players at the online casino can tune into Cashino’s own ‘in-venue’ radio station Jackpot FM, and enjoy the real link to the land-based network.

Part of Merkur Casino UK

Cashino Gaming operates more than 150 casino venues throughout the United Kingdom. By virtue of being part of the Praesepe Group, the recent merger has led to Cashino now being part of the new company called Merkur Casino UK. The chairman of the group is Ulrich Wuseke, previously chief financial officer of the Gauselmann Group that bought out the Praesepe Group. The Praesepe group founder and CEO, Nick Harding is now the CEO of the new company.

Merkur Casino, as the owners of Praesepe and hence the Cashino operations, aim to inject a progressive philosophy into the casino, bingo and gambling industry in the United Kingdom. This has begun on numerous fronts, but one is the inclusion of bingo at the Cashino outlets. The Merkur Casino group also own the Beacon chain of bingo clubs in Britain, and this has enabled the group to expand and grow the level and range of services available to their customers.

A Basis for Future Development

This is good news in terms of considering Cashinos current situation as well as predicting their prospects for the future. Being part of this broader and well-financed group has led to expansion plans being introduced. After all, the casino industry world-wide has grown consistently despite the various financial woes that have beset the markets over the past decade or so. One of the recent developments within the Cashino Group has been the introduction of their new online casino site.

The Cashino online casino site is part of the ongoing developmental process of the group. This casino site offers a range of entertainments including bingo and unique slot machines. The Cashino group is part of the gambling facilities that constitute one of Europe’s largest and most diverse gambling organisations. Apart from the many brick and mortar casino venues around the country, the organisation includes nine Beacon Bingo Clubs and 8 seaside family amusement centres as well as the 150 Adult Gaming Centres.

The Website

The new and rejuvenated Cashino organisation sees comprehensive expansion forming part of their plans for the next few years. This will include significant transformation in the sector, new job creation prospects and the development of new income streams. The website is the first step in this direction, but certainly one to watch in the future.

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