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A Look at Red Dog – A Blackjack Type Game

Red Dog is a game that has a blackjack style setting, but it is a little simpler and the wagering options are fewer. Red Dog is a game by the leading games developer Net Entertainment, and it is not often seen in the land casinos. It is an easy game to learn and play, as there are no tricky rules to be learnt. It is a fast moving, fun online casino game.

Red Dog will pit the player against the dealer, and you have to guess the approximate value of a card that is dealt to you facing down.

Two Cards are Dealt Face Up, and One Face Down

The online Red Dog table has spaces outline for three cards. You select your bet with the Plus and Minus buttons.  Click the Deal button and the dealer will give the player two outer ones will be face up, with an empty space in the middle. After you see the first initial cards you can choose Call or Raise. Call will leave your bet as it is, while Raise will add an additional bet equal to your original bet. After you call, a third card will be dealt to the middle space, and the middle card will be facing down. You have to decide the value of that card. The object of the game of Red Dog is to have that third cards fall into the Spread between the two initial cards, and thereby make you a winner. The amount of your winnings at Red Dog depends on the amount of your wager, whether you choose Call or Raise, and on the size of the spread.

The Spread is the Possible Missing Card

To understand the winning payouts in Red Dog, the player has to understand what is meant by the Spread. The Spread is simply the number of cards that could possibly come between the two initial face up cards on the table. Suits are irrelevant in Red Dog, and Aces are always high.

If the two outer cards are a 3 and a King, the winning card would be a number from 4 to Queen. The smaller the spread, the better will be the odds for the player. 1 – 5/1, 2 will be 4 – 1, 3 will be 2/1, and 4 – 11 will be evens. Two of a kind will be 11/1. If consecutive numbers or a pair is dealt, it will be called a tie. However, if a pair is dealt you have the choice of continuing with the bet in the hope of getting three of a kind, and a 11/1 win.

Wagering is Easy to Do

Wagering at Red Dog is accomplished by selecting the size of the chip you want, and then placing it in the ante circle. You press the button marked Deal to begin the game. You can raise the bet if you want to, after the first stage is complete. When the round is over, you can click Rebet to repeat the water, or New Bet if you want to change the wager amount like many AU punters do making the AFL Grand Final bets.

Red Dog is not as well known as some other card games in the online casino, but it is a fast moving and entertaining game. It is not a hard game to come to grips with, even if you are a beginner at card games. Careful wagering should keep your losses small, and maybe you will also make some winnings.

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