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Check out the Difference Between American and European Roulette Wheels

Who in New Zealand doesn’t enjoy a few a spins of the roulette wheel? The game is incredibly popular, played in virtually every country across the world, and it isn’t difficult to understand why. As one of the most fast paced casino games available, and very easy to understand and start playing, roulette is a game that hits all the right marks. In fact, if you’re playing at any online or real world casino, the game is basically guaranteed to be available.

The game is fun to play spontaneously, simply putting down bets and hoping for the best, but there is also a deeper level of strategy to the game. Those who understand the more complicated bets can make money fairly consistently, which is the sign of a casino game that is well balanced, and carefully thought out. There is one aspect of roulette, however, that is often overlooked. The differences between the American and European versions of the roulette wheel.

The Magic Zero Pocket

Upon first glance it will seem like there is no difference at all between the European and American versions of the roulette wheel. But, upon closer examination it will become clear that the American version has an extra zero pocket. A small difference, you might think, but one that has enormous consequences.

For those familiar with the game, it will already be known that the zero pocket acts as the house edge. That is to say; when zero comes up, in the vast majority of cases all bets will lose.

Why is this? Simply because the zero is not included in any of the other betting combinations. It is not red or black, and is not included in any of the group bets. Hence, unless a person is specifically betting on zero, all the bets are going to fail. The addition of a zero pocket on the American version means that this is far more likely to happen.

What To Do About It

Casinos have to keep their doors open somehow, so most will agree that a single zero pocket is needed. Deciding to play roulette online on a wheel that has two zero pockets, however, is just not in the player’s benefit at all. Very simply; not playing on an American roulette wheel is the best thing to do. Since virtually all online casinos offer both American and European roulette wheels, playing on the European version is always an option.

In the case that an online casino is offering roulette on an American wheel and not a European wheel, one might consider the best course of action is to move to a new online casino. There are plenty out there, and certainly plenty that are offering European roulette.

In conclusion; roulette is a great game with plenty of entertainment to offer, and one of the most enjoyable casino games currently available at places like It is always just an enormous benefit to the player to know what they are getting in to, and how best to take advantage and walk away with more cash in their pockets.

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