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Online Slots at a Glance for South African Players

Slots are increasingly popular games to play as they require little skill and don’t necessarily need large amounts to be bet in order to win big money. Online slots also cater for a variety of tastes as the slot games come in many different themes with interesting and unique bonus games and features. Fans of the classic style three reel fruit machines will also find their favourite amongst the online slots South Africa options.

Playing South African Online Slots

The most important thing about playing online slots South Africa is ensuring the online casino is South African friendly and offers a safe and secure environment. Being able to play slot games with ZAR is more convenient especially with local and efficient banking methods. The better online casinos will offer these services as well as local customer support that have a good understanding of the needs of online slots South African players.

Different online casinos run on different software but using an online casino with slot games developed from the better software developers will ensure the games run smoother and have good levels of quality in all aspects. The odds of winning slots are based on chance but online slot games use random number generators and should be regularly audited by third parties to ensure they offer fair and safe gaming, the better South African online casinos will do this. Looking out for those slot games that have high percentage pay outs is also important as some offer even up to 98%.

Online Slots Types

Different Types of Online Slots

Regardless of the type of slot they all come in a multitude of different themes ranging amongst almost anything the developers can think of. The types of online slots South Africa slot fans can play include the classic style slots, the more modern five reel video slots, progressive slots and even some South African online casinos offer slot tournaments.

How to Play Online Slots

An attractive feature of good online slots is the simple game play. Very little skill is required and all the buttons and functions are very user friendly and easy to understand. Each online slot will have its own betting range and some slots have betting ranges so wide they cater for both casual players and high rollers.

The first step to playing online slots South Africa is placing a bet. The number of coins per pay line needs to be decided upon as well as the coin’s value. Most online slot games have a max bet feature where the maximum bet is placed automatically. It is said that placing bets on all the pay lines is the best way forward as this allows for the highest jackpot prizes to be won.

Once the bets are placed the reels are spun, another feature of most games is the auto play feature where the reels will spin automatically for a pre-set number of times. The feature is typically adjustable depending on the specific slot game, this feature is also found in many machine in NZD pokies. When the reels stop spinning they either land on a winning combination or not. If so the winnings are paid out.

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