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Joker Millions Slot at a Glance for Online Casino Players

Joker Millions is one of the newest slot games to come onto both the online and mobile market. Released in late 2015 by Yggdrasil Gaming, this pretty simple slot features an old school feel and a progressive jackpot. There are not many other added extras to this slot, except for the sticky symbols. Joker Millions is a four-reel slot with ten paylines.

The concept behind it is the classic one of collect symbols. When you fill the screen with sticky Jokers, it will trigger a jackpot win. This particular slot is available to play both online in a desktop version as well as mobile on your favourite mobile device. It has been specially designed to be compatible with Android devices as well. This enables the player to play the slot wherever they are, so long as they have a suitable Internet connection. Wagers range from .25 all the up to 25 which makes this a great slot for all budgets.

Joker Millions Classic Theme

Although this is a classic themed slot, with only a few extras, the graphics and over all feel have not been left by the wayside. This is a good-looking slot, with obvious time and effort having gone into the graphics and animations. The feel to the slot is one of opulence. The overall colours are gold and black, with smooth graphics and well-designed symbols. The fruit symbols look good enough to eat, and the animated Joker himself is fun and entertaining.

The reels are full of the classic fruit symbols, such as oranges, cherries, melons and lemons. Combined with these are the red Sevens, and the Golden Bells, and of course the Joker himself. This slot does not feature any bonus rounds or animated cut scenes, but the quality of the graphics and the progressive jackpot should be enough to keep you interested.

Joker Millions Special Features

The first special feature is the Freeze and Respin feature, also known as a sticky symbol feature. In this feature the minimum three identical symbols found on your reels from left to right will be automatically frozen, and the remaining symbols will carry on spinning, so long as the newly landed symbols match the frozen ones. When the symbols stop freezing the win is calculated according to the pay table. This enables a player to potentially have many more wins than with a regular spinning reel system.

On top of this sticky symbol feature, there is also a coin multiplier. This coin multiplier multiplies each and every column that is completely filled up with alike symbols, starting from the left and going to the right. The number of times that the win get multiplied depends on the number of consecutive columns that ended up with the same symbols. Should a column get skipped because it does not have alike symbols, then the multiplier will stop.

The Jackpot feature is triggered when the player finds five Jokers, one in each column. Each joker will score you at least five mystery wins. The jackpot is increased with the number of Jokers found. Should you find fifteen Jokers, you will score the progressive jackpot in Joker Millions.

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