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Let’s Have a Look at Cash Inferno Slot Online

Join the ranks of some of the real heroes of the world with this firemen themed slot game. These brave men and women risk their lives to protect people, and whilst it isn’t nearly that dangerous on these Cash Inferno slot reels, it can be fun to be a part of this group in a pursuit for some top jackpots and multiplier bonuses. The graphics in this Amaya gaming slot aren’t amazing, but with the general theme and some of the fun, associated symbols on the reels the atmosphere in this game is pretty palpable.

Otherwise this is a rather simple slot at its base, with 5 reels and only 9 pay lines. These lines are adjustable and there is a decent range of betting on hand, though with this Slot the more the bet the more the bonus come triggering time. These bonuses include a Wild symbol and a fireman themed bonus game for multipliers.

Fire and Firefighting Theme in Cash Inferno

With global warming, weather changes and more and more technology around the house in today’s world the threat of fires may sway upwards, and the world must remain vigilant as a result. But with Cash Inferno there’s a different, certainly less serious, type of heat going on. To demonstrate this better the game screen is adorned with some thematic content, like a red brick wall as a backdrop and their slot title above the reels spontaneously bursting into flames. But fighting fires can be a difficult task, even on the reels, so it is always good to have some help, and with symbols like Sparky the fire fighting dog on the reels, there is always help available.

These fire fighting related symbols of course include the dog, but also a series of fire fighting paraphernalia like Hoses, Fire hydrants, Fire extinguishers and even matches. The latter may not be all too helpful in putting out the fires but perhaps give a clue to how the fire was started. Despite the simple interface and design these symbols still look good on these reels, beneath a green title reading Cash Inferno, ablaze above the reels.

As in some other mobile slots at, betting in this online slot is quite diverse, with the 9 pay lines being adjustable and enough betting options to put the maximum bet at 225 coins a spin. While there is a range to choose from in this slot, it is important to note that the pay out from the bonus game herein is proportional to the amount wagered, the more credits per spin the more multiplier bonuses.

Finally the Cash Inferno Slot Bonus Features

The reels may be warm in a slot called Cash Inferno but it’s time to add some reel heat with a few bonus features. Unfortunately Amaya gaming have not included all too many options here, but still, they can offer a few bonuses to the gameplay. The first bonus is the Wild symbol. This is Sparky the fire fighting dog, and can not only substitute for the other game symbols, helping in forming combinations, but also awards the highest jackpot in the game at 12 500 coins for 5 across the reels.

The bonus game in this slot is triggered through landing 3 or more of the Fire Hat symbols and essentially is a tally the multiplier pick’em game. The number of symbols used to trigger this feature affect a multiplier, with 5 symbols awarding a 3 times multiplier. Players tune enter a click feature which ends when the finish window is found, for maximum multipliers players must aim to click this finish window first. The multiplier bonus from this slot is determined by the amount of pay lines played, the more the merrier, and multiplies this accrued multiplier by the total bet.

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